Early Voting: 4/13 - 4/28

Election Date: 5/3/22

Early Voting: 4/13 - 4/28

Election Date: 5/3/22



Stephanie Gatewood

Stephanie is currently a candidate for Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk. She is degreed in Public Administration and Organizational Leadership. She also runs her own non-profit; Empower Me! Teaching skills of empowerment to men and women in the midsouth...

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    Click the video above to listen to the radio interview with Stephanie Gatewood and John Lawson - March 11, 2022 (AM 1600 WMQM)

    Students at this elementary school support Stephanie Gatewood running for Juvenile Court Clerk 2022 Memphis, TN. Stephanie Gatewood was a former Assisstant Principal at this school and her kids still love and support her till this day!

    "Opening the Gates to Excellence!"


    Stephanie Gatewood

    Phone: 901-579-8335

    Email: stephaniewgatewood@gmail.com

    3681 Cherry Rd Memphis, TN 38118